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Kit Deep Intestinal Cleanser
Kit Deep Intestinal Cleanser
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Kit Deep Intestinal Cleanser

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The DEEP INTESTINAL CLEANSER KIT consists of specific knowledge and a set of natural tools to help support the internal cleansing of the body. 

This combination consists of 3 supplements:

  • 3x GOOD FLORA™



RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Take the 3 synergetic food supplements as laid out in the individual descriptions as a supplement to your nutrition, unless otherwise recommended by a metabolism consultant.

GOOD FLORA™ is a supplement of a high and concentrated content of probiotic organisms (good bacteria of the intestine). A package of GOOD FLORA™ contains 60 capsules of 15 trillion living probiotic organisms each. It is important to maintain a balanced, healthy intestinal flora since the intestinal flora is important for many processes occurring in the intestines, including the  absorption of food.

HELPZYMES™ capsules provide a blend of special digestive enzymes, including pancreatin, beatin, bromelain, lipase en amylase. As an additional aid, the capsules contain a dose of hydrochloric acid comparable to level in your stomach. This helps the natural digestion of protein.

GLUCOTEIN is a blend of so-called “resistant starch,” created from gluten-free, grain-free, NON-GMO, Paleo-friendly and vegan starch based on green bananas and yellow field peas. This special starch is made so they cannot be broken down by the digestion enzymes. The starch therefore does not participate in the digestion in the small intestine of healthy individuals.

CONTENT GOOD FLORA™ : 90 capsules

CONTENT HELPZYMES™: 100 capsules