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Kit Anti-Constipation
Kit Anti-Constipation
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Kit Anti-Constipation

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Thick bowel movements or less regular bowel movement can contribute to various discomforts, including obesity. If you experience hard, thick bowel movements and it does not become softer and more regular, it will be difficult to maintain a healthy body weight. When undigested food remains in the intestines for a prolonged time, waste products can be generated that can have unfavourable effects and result in other discomforts.

De ANTI-CONSTIPATION KIT consists of specific knowledge and a set of natural tools to help support the food digestion, in order to have normal, soft bowel movements.


This combination product consists of 5 synergetic nutritional supplements (and a book):







RECOMMENDE DOSAGE: Take the 5 synergetic food supplements as laid out in the individual descriptions as a supplement to your nutrition, unless otherwise recommended by a metabolism consultant.

CONSTIPEND™ is a natural product that can aid in:

  • have softer and smoother bowel movements

  • keep the intestinal walls smooth and healthy

  • cleanse the intestines from within

MAGICMAG™ is a drinking powder with a lovely natural strawberry/lemon taste. It is an allround magnesium drink that can be consumed mornings and evenings, warm and cold. Magnesium is a mineral that is involved in the neurotransmission between (nerve) cells in, among others, the heart and other muscles. Magnesium also supports the balance in water and mineral levels in the body and helps to free up energy from nutrition. It provides a good balance in electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium and supports a good mental balance before sleeping.

GOOD FLORA™ is a supplement of a high and concentrated content of probiotic organisms (good bacteria of the intestine). A package of GOOD FLORA™ contains 60 capsules of 15 trillion living probiotic organisms each.

HELPZYMES™ capsules provide a blend of special digestive enzymes, including pancreatin, beatin, bromelain, lipase en amylase. As an additional aid, the capsules contain a dose of hydrochloric acid comparable to level in your stomach. This helps the natural digestion of protein.

KADSORB™ is a food supplement based on high quality potassium in an organic “potassium citrate” compound which is very well absorbable. In the body, potassium is one of the main electrolytes, together with sodium and chloride. Electrolytes are minerals in ionic form, i.e. not in a compound with other elements, but as individual charged particles solved in water. The Potassium in our KADSORB™ capsules has a positive effect on maintaining a normal blood pressure, supports the transfer of impulses between nerve cells and contributes to flexible and strong muscles. 



CONTENT GOOD FLORA™: 60 capsules


NET CONTENT KADSORB™: 400 capsules